Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Naked CrossFitter's 2012 SoCal Regionals Picturebook

So this past weekend I was the the 2012 SoCal Regionals and it was pretty legit.  Between being recognized (you guys are great) and having my beard called "gross" by just about everyone I met, my ego was really well taken care of.  But there were a handful of moments that really stood out in my mind, and luckily I took photos of my favorites.  Here's the rundown:

lululemon yoga pants made my weekend on Friday

Seriously, now do you get why I harp on lululemon all the time?  I'm still not 100% sure which affiliate these lovely ladies are with, but I was cheering them on because any pair of hotties wearing matching lulu tights will get my support 100% of the time.

Sean Waxman's booth gets aggressive

The poster at Sean Waxman's booth speaks to my heart and soul and if you're in SoCal, you'd be silly not to take advantage of his coaching.

maybe Reebok isn't so bad...

As much as I love my lulu, it turns out Reebok makes tights too and I can't not support workout shorts and tights on CrossFit girls.  Hey Reebok, here's my suggestion on how to sell more of your shit: more pictures like this one.

do as I say and not as I do

"May I never boast except in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ....unless I'm Rich Froning and really really good at exercising".

welcome to the big leagues!

My fans are awesome and they love me enough to hook a brother up with a media shirt.  Then I ninja'd a media wristband (they were white, compared to a purple spectator's band) and I began...

using my powers for evil, part 1

The athlete tent was awesome and I spent a whole lot of time kickin it back there.  Imagine it: free food and drinks, loungers, ice baths, those cool misting fans, and CrossFitters just hanging out.  Now I'm 100% sure the media shirt gave me absolutely no right to hang out back there, but fuck it, who cares.

I spent my time feeding myself for free and taking undercover pictures of Katie Hogan.

Andrea Ager is just kickin' it

As far as badass athletes go, Andrea Ager is up there.  She's got a crazy pain threshold and insane work capacity and apparently her limit is cold water.

using my powers for evil, part 2

I wasn't kidding about the Katie Hogan thing...(just for full disclosure, I didn't take this photo, but had this photo forwarded to me by an accomplice.  Holy crap, thanks so much.)

three of the strongest dudes at the SoCal Regionals

Left is Sean Waxman who was casually talking about recently doing a 10 rep max front squat with 440 pounds, right is John Welbourn who founded CrossFit Football and can beat your CrossFit Total with just his squat and press.  In the middle is the Fucking Naked CrossFitter who looks like a man child next to those two giant humans.

I guess people worked out and shit too, but whatever.  All I know is that halfway through event 2, I realized that I sat through 8 boring minutes of some douchebags rowing, then another couple minutes of some douchebags standing on one leg, then another few minutes of people struggling with ugly power cleans.  That second event was incredibly boring to watch and only served to remind me that I spent my Friday afternoon watching people competitively exercise.

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  1. waxman and welbourne are fucking monsters. good lord man, 440 for a 10 RM...thats inhuman. also, hogan is one mighty fine piece of ace...i would know.

  2. Do you still have your beard?

  3. just to qualify my last douchy comment, i was trying to use a quote from billy madison. chris farley talking about veronica vaugn...remember?

  4. First pic....Crossfit CDR

  5. Glad I could contribute to the backstage access.

  6. Is it Christ-like to use roids?