Friday, February 3, 2012

The Naked CrossFitter Moves Up in the World

Movin' on up...get it?!

This week has been pretty freaking crazy for me.  I started some shit and ended some shit, and even had a wonderfully large helping of humble pie.  So what the fuck am I talking about?  Check it out:

Ending some shit; or, How I got my ass kicked and made some new friends.

So if you've been following me for more than a couple weeks, you'll remember that I destroyed the 2012 OC Throwdown Men's Advanced Division.  You'll also remember that there was some talk about a local affiliate owner who didn't particularly like me coming to heckle me at the event.  You may also remember hearing about Ronnie Teasdale losing his shit and plowing his car through the crowd or something.

What you don't know is that unlike a whole mess of people who just talk shit and never get to actually meet the people they talk shit about, I'm neighbors with all of these peeps and when word gets around, we're quite literally a fifteen minute drive from each other.

That said, this past Wednesday, I got a chance to train with arguably the most hated competitor in CrossFit and his crew.  Meet the usual suspects: Ronnie Teasdale, Andrea Ager, Ryan Fischer, Aris Gregorian (sorry buddy, no easily googled photos of you...probably a good thing), and JP Perelmutter.

I'll be honest with ya, I didn't get a single bad vibe from any of these peeps.  We met up at a local affiliate owned by my coach, who's a mutual friend of all of us, and spent a few hours training together.  After a couple hours of weightlifting and some short conditioning work, you can't really have beef anymore.  And when they not only crushed me during the met-con, but cheered me on and helped me out at the same time, the whole situation changed up.

So what're they like?  Well, it's really easy to watch videos and flip out on people you don't know or people you'll never meet, but it seems like no one talks shit face to face.  They're really just like you and me: elite motherfuckers who're just looking to take it to the next level while running a couple businesses and having a great time with their friends.  They're definitely not for everyone, and they definitely aren't perfect (and really, some of their fuck-ups are pretty major), but they're not the Dark Lords of the Sith that everyone seems to make them out to be.

Starting some shit; or, How I'm changing your world

Eddie Ifft is a friend of mine, a fellow CrossFitter, and most importantly, a really funny comedian.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, Eddie and I now have a podcast.  It's currently unnamed, but it's pretty fucking great.  The first episode is coming out on Monday, and a new one will be released every Monday following that.  I'll be throwing the link to download it all over the place.

What can you expect from the podcast?  We'll talk some shit, geek out on CrossFit, and have a variety of guests on to help us talk shit and geek out on CrossFit.  What could be better?  Now you'll get a chance to listen to a radio show about CrossFit that's actually entertaining.  Lucky you!  So do me a favor, and share that shit around once it's out and you love it.


  1. why'd you leave at Baker?

  2. A man is born, he's a man of means.
    Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans.
    But they got, Diff'rent Strokes.
    It takes, Diff'rent Strokes.
    It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.

  3. More entertaining than Justin Judkins?

  4. So is part of the new format you making amends with everyone? Next post is about how SicFit's articles aren't all that stupid once you meet the writer (or they out write you)?