Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CrossFit Pick-up Lines

CrossFitters date other CrossFitters.  This is fact, and is most likely the result of some sort of worldwide conspiracy to breed the next generation of super humans.  That said, most male CrossFitters started CrossFitting because they didn't know how to get chicks in the first place (rightfully thinking that "maybe if I get super ripped, it'll be easier to pick up chicks") and most female CrossFitters started CrossFitting because they saw a chance for easy access to jacked shirtless dudes.  So how do those jacked shirtless dudes actually get the hotties?  Pick-up lines.

"You should see me clean."

because the word for this... the same as the word for this.

And ladies love men who do both.

"I make a mean paleo friendly breakfast."

Because she needs to know that she'll always be your second love, behind bacon.

"Endurance and stamina are my favorite general physical skills."

Because while sprints are a great way to train, sometimes it's all about going the distance.

"You wanna get together and work on our Darwinian fitness?"

More offspring = more fitness.  Attempting to have more offspring = functional fitness.

"Let's get together later and mobilize; I can really stretch ya out."

Yea, that joke is exactly what you think it is...I said no snatch jokes, but I didn't promise to be classy.

"My garage gym is cool, but you should see my bedroom gym."

Because that's where the magic happens.  Duh!

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  1. haha the bacon one was good…reminds me of this video: