Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making things right.

I know what I'm good at: overhead squats, heavy singles, wearing ridiculous clothes to workout, and making a lot of noise while hitting workouts.

I know what I'm bad at: dips, box jumps, running, workouts outside the 15 minute time domain, and stretching after working out.

But there is a level beyond just the things I'm bad at: the White Whale (literary reference, 10 points).  The White Whale is the thing that you want more than anything else, the thing you'll die chasing.  A couple friends of mine had a 400+ Fight Gone Bad as their White Whale and they damn near killed themselves hitting shattering that mark.  The White Whale is almost always more about how much you want it as opposed to physical capability.

Sam kills a 419 FGB while nearly killing himself.
My White Whale is handstand pushups.  I have the physical strength to do them.  I can even finish workouts that have a lot of them in play.  Unfortunately, it takes me way longer than it should to do these workouts because handstand pushups refuse to bow down to me.

I've been chasing the handstand pushup for a little while now.  Every time I think about them, I get pumped.

So how do I make this right?  I've done HSPU heavy workouts every couple of days for the past week or two.  I think in the past 5 days I've done close to 140 handstand pushups over the course of 3 workouts.  

I've improved (duh), but I still have a lot of work to do to be the best.  Because that's what's what at stake here, and that's what I need to make right: I'm not the best.

Logan gets pumped.  Let's make things right.

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